Best Cars to Rent Out on Tour: 5 Amazing Cars on Road Trip

best cars to rent out on tour

The coronavirus epidemic has resulted in the rediscovery of the great American road trip, which is not always expected but may be unplanned. Americans who had been crossing oceans for their big vacations were forced to hunt for options closer to home after gates across the world closed to international tourists. This is for those who want to select the best cars to rent out on tour?

Fortunately, we live in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, with wide-open spaces, breathtaking scenery, a world-class national park system, and a diverse range of regional culture and cuisine — all of which are made accessible thanks to the vast network of interstate highways built during the twentieth century. So for the travelers who loves to travel, needs the best cars to rent out on tour.

 People took to the road in droves as the pandemic forced hundreds of thousands of workers out of their cubicles and back into their home offices. RV rentals were extremely popular, and some people even gave up their homes to live on the road full-time.

 While international travel is making a comeback this summer, the good old-fashioned road trip — with its promise of the open road and the discovery of somewhere new — is calling to many Americans.

But, without a suitable car, what good is a road trip? We wanted to showcase some of the greatest options for any type of road trip because there are so many to pick from.

Best Cars to Rent Out on Tour

1. Ford Mustang: for a coastal or island drive

Ford Mustang-for a coastal or island drive
Ford Mustang-for a coastal or island drive

Imagine driving along the Pacific Coast Highway in California or along the beach in Hawaii with the top down and the music blasting. It’s difficult to imagine yourself at the wheel of a Mustang. One of the most iconic icons of Americana ever created is Ford’s pony car. It was designed in the 1960s and became an instant hit with anyone searching for a cheap car that could go quickly and turn heads. Although previous Mustangs have become legends, the current model is a totally modern vehicle that’s hard to top for warm-weather cruising.

The base Mustang has a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 310 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. But if you really want to have a good time carving the curves of a long, winding coastal roadway, go for the GT convertible, which has a 5.0-liter V8 engine that produces 460 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque and will put a smile on your sun-kissed face.

2. The Volvo XC90 is ideal for cross-country travel.

The Volvo XC90 is ideal for cross-country travel
The Volvo XC90 is ideal for cross-country travel

Comfort is essential when embarking on a cross-country road trip. You’ll want a vehicle that’s quiet, efficient, capacious, has enough creature comforts to keep you and your passengers entertained, is unaffected by the vast range in pavement quality in this country, and, perhaps most significantly, has comfy seats.

All of this and more can be found in Volvo’s flagship SUV, the XC90. It has ample space for you, your friends, or your family – as well as all of your belongings. It also includes the latest in vehicle technology, such as a touchscreen-based entertainment system and top-of-the-line audio systems. Its sturdy construction ensures a smooth ride, even on some of the country’s pothole-infested highways (looking at you, upper Midwest). Last but not least, the Swedish carmaker is regarded for making some of the nicest seats in the market, with massage seats available on various trim levels.

3. Audi A4 Allroad is the vehicle of choice for snow-covered routes.

Audi A4 Allroad is the vehicle of choice for snow-covered routes
Audi A4 Allroad is the vehicle of choice for snow-covered routes

If you’re going on a winter road trip — or if you live somewhere where snow falls virtually all year — you’ll need a vehicle that can handle snow and slush as well as dry roads. The Audi A4 Allroad is a raised A4 Avant station wagon with an extra inch of ground clearance, ideal for icy roads. The car’s standard Quattro all-wheel-drive system, which helps it to plow through rain, snow, and slush with ease, is the major feature that makes this raised wagon a force to be reckoned with in the winter. (Of course, if you’re driving on mountain roads with deep, heavy snow, we recommend installing chains in the tires of any vehicle.)

And, because it’s really a station wagon, you’ll have plenty of room for everyone and their belongings while still enjoying the benefits of a car’s driving dynamics. You won’t have to stop for gas too frequently with the Allroad’s four-cylinder turbocharged engine.

4. For any terrain: Wrangler (Jeep)

For any terrain-Wrangler (Jeep)
For any terrain-Wrangler (Jeep)

If you’re searching for a vehicle that can go everywhere and do (almost) anything, you can’t go wrong with a Jeep Wrangler. This classic American truck is available in two and four-door versions, with off-roading features such as a removable roof and doors.

The Jeep Wrangler, one of the best cars to rent out on tour has a real four-wheel-drive system, huge tires, and a high suspension, allowing it to easily handle rocks and other terrain. If your trip takes you across rivers or streams, the car’s high ground clearance allows it to ford through 30 inches of water.

5. Jeep Grand Cherokee (for national park hopping)

Jeep Grand Cherokee - for national park hopping
Jeep Grand Cherokee – for national park hopping

Another Jeep is on this list, and with good reason. For years, Jeep’s legendary Grand Cherokee has served as the brand’s standard-bearer, marrying Jeep’s innate off-road prowess with the creature comforts you’d expect from a luxury SUV. The Grand Cherokee is the ideal vehicle to consider if your road trip will include extensive stretches on the highway as well as some off-roading (maybe in one or more national parks).

It offers a smooth ride on the road, as well as plenty of electronics and other creature comforts, making it easy to spend a lot of time in it, but it can also manage anything that comes its way once you get off the beaten path.

For your rental, use the appropriate credit card.

It’s critical to ensure that you’re covered in the event of an accident when renting a vehicle. Damage waivers are normally available for $10 to $20 per day from your rental business, but some credit cards, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and Chase Sapphire Reserve®, give a primary damage waiver in the event of damage or theft. You won’t need to file a claim with your personal car insurance if your car is damaged because the insurance is primary. You won’t have to pay a large deductible or be subject to rate adjustments, but coverage is only available for rentals of 31 days or fewer.

Final thoughts

For the foreseeable future, road trips will remain a significant element of how Americans travel. Finding the correct vehicle for the trip is the next step after deciding where you’re going and what type of road trip you’ll be doing with best cars to rent out on tour.

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