15 Things to Bring on a Cruise: Top Exciting Cruise Packing List Items

things to bring on a cruise

We enjoy cruises because they give you the best of both worlds: you get to see a variety of sites and activities while staying in the same lodgings, eating the same delicious food, and having the same comforts every night. They’re also fantastic for groups of people. The “huge boat!” was a hit with our two toddlers, and they still talk about it.
Many of our packing suggestions will reflect the fact that the things to bring on a cruise are chartered for warm destinations.

You’ll also get advice on what to wear on a cruise, as well as a list of the top 15 things to bring on a cruise and what not to bring. Good luck on your journey!

Things to Bring on a Cruise – 15 Must-Haves

1. Motion Sickness Patches (Natural Motion Sickness Patches)

These things are just amazing! I’m prone to seasickness, so days at sea can be challenging for me. I’ve tried everything from sea bands to homeopathic tablets to Dramamine for sea sickness (which has quite horrible side effects). These new motion sickness patches, on the other hand, work like magic. I was becoming so sick on our last cruise that I forgot I had them. I simply inserted them behind my ears and voila! I didn’t get ill the rest of the way!

2. Waterproof Phone Case (Universal)

Water and sand are frequently present in your cruising trips. Even if you’re just hanging out with the family on the beach, you’ll probably want to bring your phone… So, how do you get to a quiet remote beach on a zodiac without getting your phone wet? Make use of this low-cost phone case! It’s great to have because it’s waterproof, sand and scratch resistant, scratch-resistant, and allows you to utilize your camera and touchscreen while your phone is safe inside.

3. A pocketbook pouch slung around the neck

When you depart the boat, you must carry your SeaPass (room key) and a photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. This handy pouch keeps your passport, driver’s license, cash, credit cards, and travel documents safe. If you get delayed in a traffic congestion (as we did!) or your cab breaks down on the way back to the dock and you miss your boat, you’ll be glad you brought your passport!

4. Natural Anti-Hangover Supplements

Alcohol and sun don’t mix well, and when you’re cruising, you’re likely to receive a lot of both. These natural hangover preventative tablets, which contain vitamins, electrolytes, and other safe compounds such as Dihydromyricetin, are really effective! The National Institutes of Health researched dihydromyricetin and discovered that it can “counteract acute alcohol intoxication.” Cheers is the one we favor, and it was featured on Shark Tank. It worked for us, even if it was just a placebo!

5. Towel for Cooling

Towel for Cooling
Towel for Cooling

Because most cruise destinations are in hot climates, I always bring a cooling towel with me. I despise being warm, and while air conditioning is accessible on board, it isn’t always the case in the dock or on the deck. This towel is always with me when I’m roaming through the streets, visiting markets, or visiting other tourist sights. I simply soak the towel, wring it out, and place it on my neck or shoulders for immediate relief. The towel is chemical-free and comes in a convenient bag that keeps the rest of my daypack dry. This is my must needed things to bring on a cruise.

6. Inexpensive Underwater Camera

Underwater cameras are a lot of fun to have in tow on cruises because they often lead you to crystal clear water. Thanks to ours, we have so many amazing photos of my young boy playing in the waves, my husband snorkeling, and me relaxing on the beach. We enjoy this camera because it’s a fraction of the price of a GoPro while still performing admirably. This camera will assist you in capturing all of life’s special moments, such as that unforgettable underwater family selfie.

7. Cubes for packing

When preparing on a cruise, keep in mind that unless you can afford a penthouse, your cabin will be cramped! These storage “cubes” are flexible and zippered, allowing you to stuff them full and neatly into your luggage, then into your room’s tiny drawers and compartments. They condense and contain your goods so you don’t have to sift through them to find what you need. They also provide room for any duty-free purchases you might be taking home!

8. Activated Charcoal

These charcoal pills should not be left at home. Cruising can give you a false sense of safety. “Oh, I’m on a boat, food will be safe,” you reason. Food poisoning or a stomach bug shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Wrong. You will most likely be traveling to nations such as Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Greece, and others, all of which are known for acute traveler’s diarrhea.And passengers on cruise ships are infamous for being ill at the buffets.

These pups are going to save the day. Take the recommended dose as soon as you begin to feel ill, and you will feel much better. Nobody wants to spend their entire voyage in the cramped bathroom of their ship. Have faith in me!

9. Umbrella for Traveling in the Wind

The majority of cruises visit ports that get a surprising amount of rain. There have always been rainy days on the cruises we’ve taken where we wished we’d brought a travel umbrella because we were soaked! When you’re out at sea, it’s also likely to be windy, so you’ll want one that’s windproof! An umbrella has the added benefit of providing sun and UV protection on those scorching hot days when you would otherwise be burned.

10. Women’s and Men’s Long-Sleeved Swim Rash Guards

Women's and Men's Long-Sleeve Swim Rash Guards
Women’s and Men’s Long-Sleeve Swim Rash Guards

The sun is scorching in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. On our first excursion, I became red like a tomato, something I virtually never do. It served as a nice reminder of the significance of covering up while cruising on the boat or relaxing on the beach. My spouse has fair skin and needs to wear a men’s rash guard when he goes to the beach. This one (shown) is extremely fashionable and flattering on women while also providing excellent UPF/UV sun protection. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with it and it is another must needed things to bring on a cruise.

11. Beach Towel Things to Bring on a Cruise

You’ll go to the beach if you’re on a cruise. Your life will be lot more pleasurable if you have a good beach bag. This one from Aruba Mesh is ideal for transporting swimwear, food, changes of clothes, snorkels, and other essentials, and it even has an insulated cooler at the bottom to keep your drinks cool. It’s also lightweight and small when not in use.

12. Cruising Travel Insurance

It is vital to have adequate coverage (especially in the age of COVID). Cruising helps you believe you’re still in America (or your native country) because the boat usually starts its journey there. However, consider where you’re going and whether you’d prefer to be in a local hospital in the event of an emergency. For comparing and selecting the best plan, we recommend SquareMouth.com. This is one of those circumstances where having insurance and never needing it is preferable to having even one problem without it.

Many types of emergencies (emergency trips home, medical issues, thefts, and so on) are often covered, so it makes better to be cautious rather than sorry. You may even purchase coverage for hurricanes and other severe weather, and many policies allow you to cancel at any time, which is really convenient these days!

13. Cover-up for a Swimsuit

I’m in love with this cover-up! It’s my go-to while I’m on the road. I simply throw it on over my swimsuit and feel completely at ease while traveling by boat to the beach or on an expedition. It’s sultry but modest, and it’s light enough to wear when roaming around cruise ports or on a boat. It dries quickly and is breathable, and it takes up no room in your suitcase thanks to the lightweight material. You must carry the swimsuit things to bring on a cruise.

14. Women’s and Men’s Slip-on Mesh Water Shoes

Flip flops aren’t going to make it in tropical regions where you’ll be in and out of the water while touring or participating in activities. You’ll want something comfortable that can be worn on land and in the water, so you can walk around seaside towns or along trails and then jump right into the ocean for some snorkeling. You don’t want to get sand or water in your favorite hiking shoes, and there are a lot of beaches and reefs where going barefoot isn’t a good idea, so these mesh water shoes are a perfect option.

15. Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Without DEET

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Without DEET
Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Without DEET

Mosquitoes are a problem in most of the destinations visited by cruise ships, simply because all of the most desirable tropical destinations are ideal for these flying parasites. Bring some form of mosquito things to bring on a cruise repellent with you to keep yourself safe. To reduce chemical exposure to a minimal, I usually advocate a deet-free choice. These wristbands are both safe and effective, and they are simple to wear without the need to reapply a spray.

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