Top 6 Places You Must See in Marakesh: Secrets Places

Top 6 Places You Must See in Marakesh

Travel to the city “Marakesh,” and you’ll find the city’s major point of interest in a dizzying combination of ancient and modern. So let’s find the top 6 places you must see in Marakesh.

You’ll be so thrilled by the environment that you might just want to live there forever. From the snake charmers to the smooth shop to a lot of things competing for your attention amid the noisy but colorful city. For shoppers, traveling to Marakesh allows you to shop as you like, if you’re a history-loving tourist, the museums and monuments will blow your mind.

There’s also a rich culture in the city. The best time of the year to travel to Marrakech is during autumn, the September-November and spring which is between March and June. It’s a little bit cold between October/February and too hot between July/September. Marakesh is also called the Red City and home to many beautiful and interesting sites in the world. If your interest is to visit places that are beautiful and historical, traveling to Marakesh is the best decision you’ll ever make. Here’s a list of interesting sites in Marakesh.

1. Medina Souks.

 This is the city’s star attraction for many visitors. It is a colorful rug shop. The narrow alleyways are full of colors, scents, and sounds which will be the sightseeing highlight of your trip to Marakesh. There are countless shopping opportunities, where you can put your haggling hat and barter to your satisfaction.  The tanneries are found at the west of the main souk area where animal skins are dyed I. The old-fashioned way.

2. Djemaa El Fna.

 The large square at the entry of the city is the center of Marakesh life. It is an assembly place of the ‘nobodies.’ Here, you’ll see the bric-a-brac stalls, musicians, storytellers, fortune tellers, and the snake charmers that don’t rest. Traveling to Marakesh, all these enfolds before you and if being among the thrum becomes too much, you can escape to any rooftop and survey the scene from there.

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3. Koutoubia Mosque.

 Travel to Marakesh and see the most famous landmark in the city. It is a striking 70-meter tall minaret that is visible miles away in every direction. Local Marrakesh legend tells that when it was first built, the muezzin, that is the man who calls the faithful to pray had to be blind, as the minaret was so tall. One important thing to note as you travel to Marakesh is that non-muslims are not allowed into the mosque itself.

4. Medersa Ben Youssef.

If you travel to Marakesh, you’ll get to see the Medersa which is the largest theological college in Morocco. Its student cell was once home to 900 pupils. The internal courtyard is the real highlight. The fine zellige tiling, stalactite ceilings, cedar-wood detailing, and Kufic inscriptions used as decoration across the courtyard’s interior make the medersa one of Morocco’s most beautiful buildings.

5. Saadian Tombs.

 This is a 16th-century burial ground that is home to 66 members of the Saadin dynasty which ruled Marrakesh between 1524-1668. You’ll have to travel to Marakesh before you can see that. It is an irregular atmospheric place with the mausoleums set between a rather overgrown garden.

6. Bahia Palace.

The magnificent palace was built in the late 19th century. It was the residence of the Great Vizier Bou Ahmed who serves Sultan Moulay al-Hassan I. The interior decoration is a dazzling display of zellige tiles, painted ceilings, and ornate wrought-iron features showcasing the wealthy lives of those high up in the sultan’s favor at that time. There is a massive marble grand courtyard and salons of the haram area which are the two main attractions. 

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CONCLUSION: Adorned with a vibrant medina at the heart of the city, the souks, buzzing streets, busy alleys and so much more, Marrakesh invites everyone with open arms. Fascinated already? Travel to Marrakech.

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