Top 7 Places To Travel in Casablanca

Top 7 Places To Travel in Casablanca

Casablanca is the visitors’ first taste of the country Morocco as it is home to the primary international airport. It is the business powerhouse and industrial center of Morocco. Here is a list of the top 7 places to visit in Casablanca.

Though the tourist attractions and sights might be few, traveling to Casablanca is going to be mind-blowing for you as you’ll find some gems of you delve a little deeper. The big sight of the city is the Hassan II Mosque, a tour of the building can take a while. The medina is a charming and photogenic site, full of old-fashioned ambiance. This and many more will you see on your trip to Casablanca.

1. Hassan II Mosque.

The Hassan II Mosque dominates the entire city of Casablanca, just beyond the northern tip of the medina. To see the second largest mosque in the world, you will have to travel to Casablanca. The prayer hall can accommodate 25,000 worshipers while the courtyard can fit another 80,000. Amazing!  There’s an intricate decoration on every centimeter of surface. Access to the mosque is not limited to Muslims alone, good thing is that Non-Muslims can visit the mosque on guided tours.

2. Medina.

Medina is Casablanca’s oldest city with the maze-like tumble of alleyways which has so much to discover. Travel to Casablanca to see the authentic tradesman sell their wares to shoppers, see the butcher, the baker, the candlestick makers in the medina. It’s a ramshackle neighborhood and a great place to experience the pulse of Casablanca life.

3. Corniche.

This is the beachfront district. It is the city’s vortex for those who want to see and be seen. The shoreline is home to luxury restaurants and hotels. There’s a lot to see during the day, from the beach clubs doing a roaring tea to the sun worshippers lapping up rays and splashing in the club swimming pools. On sunny weekends, the corniche is a great spot for people-watching, with local families gathered for picnicking and promenading.

4. Cathedral du Sacre Coeur.

When you travel to Casablanca, you’ll get to see this graceful cathedral with its mind-blowing architecture which is a harmonious blend of both European and Mortician style. Although it has been left to wither and is in need of restoration, the structure is still beautiful. If you’re lucky, the guardian will allow you inside the cathedral to capture a sense of this building’s past glory.

5. Central Market.

The bustling central market is a must-see for every tourist who wants to throw themselves in the midst of city life. The market is in the center of the city and it is where the locals come to buy and sell. It’s a great opportunity for photographers and it’s fun for everyone. HereHere, you’ll find out their plastic bowls, their famous slippers and you might be able to get one for yourself when you travel to Casablanca.

6. Safi.

Safi has been an important port since Roman times. It is 237 kilometers south of Casablanca. The Portuguese lived in the city in 1508 and added architecture by building the Far el Bahar Fortress on the shoreline which is now the town’s most recognizable monument. Safi is the most famous ceramic center in Morocco.

7. Oualidia.

This seaside village is about 182 kilometers south of Casablanca. It is best for chilling out after you’ve been working out during the day. The beach and the Saadin-era Kasbah which is the fortress district are enough reasons to travel here. Oualidia is all about seafood making the town a highlight for any traveling foodie.


Casablanca is the perfect destination for having fun. Traveling to Casablanca also gives you the opportunity to experience traditional Moroccan culture blended with European influences.

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